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Rachel Perlmutter & Associates are prepared to help you with strategic sales and marketing consulting, as well as a variety of support and project management services. Call us today at 714-330-1982 to set up an appointment for a FREE phone consultation.

Sales and Marketing Strategy
Develop the optimum sales and marketing plan that defines your company's goals efficiently and provides pro-active guidance for the future.

New Market Strategies
Create a new context for your product so that innovative ideas can be explored for selling your product to new markets.

Social Media Marketing
Coach or provide training sessions on the use of Social Media Marketing to grow your business.

Sales Training and Incentive Program
Develop a customized sales educational and incentive program which motivates employees to achieve your overall sales strategy and goals as part of the company culture.

Competitive Analysis
Provide a thorough profile of your competition to determine key competitive factors and trends that are driving your industry.

Customer Analysis
Identify the problems, challenges, and needs facing your customer and define how your company can best service those needs.

Project Management
Accommodate your specific needs by providing staff, resources, and an action plan for simple or complex projects, at any point in that project's timeline to ensure its successful completion.

Process Development and Documentation
Capture and define the processes within your company which are the key components of your strengths, and enhance or create improvements for more effective results.

Marketing Materials
Develop imaginative internet, print and published ads, brochures and catalogs as well as manage your external vendors.

Brand Development
Create or revitalize your Brand for maximum impact by clarifying your Brand image, refining your Brand identity, strengthening your Brand position, and implement strategies that build customer Brand loyalty.

List Development and Management
One average, it takes over 5 contacts with a prospect for them to become a client.  Don't lose a potential customer because you have not found a way to obtain their permission to continue marketing to them and their contact information.  We help you target, grow and market to qualified prospects giving you the opportunity to convert them to paying customers.

Speaking Services
Providing presentations on Marketing topics such as:  Social Media Marketing and The Fundamentals of Successful Marketing, Defining Your Target Market and Assessing Advertising Opportunities.

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  • "Rachel really helped me determine my priorities for growing my business. It was difficult to focus on the areas that needed to be done first, because there were so many things that I needed to do at once. Rachel helped me look at the numbers, define my short and long term goals, and organize what actions were dependent upon others so I could focus on the critical areas for my success."

    Jaiya Figueras
    Your Next Victory!

  • "Rachel was a great sounding board for Makeover Gallery International when we were reviewing sales, marketing and production processes with our partners and outside vendors. She was able to point out agreements that were not written in our favor and help us challenge them with meaningful and professional arguments, as well as brainstorming for the future growth of our business."

    Marlene Hoffman
    Makeover Gallery International

  • "Rachel Perlmutter has provided sales and marketing consulting and project work for Interline Brands consistently the past 5 years. The great thing about Rachel is her desire to deliver results, whether they are strategic or more hands-on implementation. She has the ability to lead a team, operate collaboratively, or work on her own. She is an outstanding communicator who strives to provide the specific results we are seeking, whether through strategic planning, temporary management roles, documentation, research, or vendor management. Her ability to speak the language of the management and multi-level associates she interacts with within our organization allows her to effectively and efficiently get her work done.

    Pam Maxwell
    VP Sales & Marketing, Interline Brands
    Jacksonville, FL