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Rachel Perlmutter & Associates is a team of highly skilled and adaptable consulting professionals that specialize in their specific fields. Take advantage of the concerted efforts of this team to manage your sales and marketing efforts or work with the specialist that addresses your specific needs.

Rachel Perlmutter (President and Sales and Marketing Consultant)
Rachel Perlmutter has spent the last 20 years at the helm of Sales and Marketing for a variety of different companies. Her honest, direct, and meticulous attention to detail has earned the trust and respect of esteemed businesses such as Airgas Inc., Interline Brands, SunStar, Worldbook Telemarketing, and ADVO Inc., among others. Her impressive depth of knowledge was cultivated through performing the roles of Sales and Marketing Director, Marketing Manager, National Accounts Manager, Field Sales Executive, Project Manager and Consultant, covering both business-to-business and business-to-consumer markets, as well as the retail and wholesale industries.

This has given Rachel a multi-dimensional understanding of Sales and Marketing which she has developed into an analytical and strategic mind-set, applicable to a wide range of businesses.

Rachel provides each client with practical strategies that remove obstacles impeding growth, and guides them through a step-by-step process that will meet or exceed their targeted goals. She brings a unique level of commitment to her clients in her flexibility to work on any stage or aspect of their business, and apply her project management expertise to deliver successful results. 

If you are looking for guidance with the the intent and/or budget to do the marketing functions of your company yourself, Rachel is available for one-on-one coaching and strategic planning sessions.

Rachel has chosen an array of skilled associates who work with her clients when specific issues need to be addressed as part of the overall strategic plan. These associates are specialists in their fields and are dedicated team members that enhance the creative and technical aspects of each project, fine tuning the details to achieve innovative and efficient solutions for your business.

The Associates are as follows:

Adrianne Machina (Marketing Consultant)
Adrianne Machina has over 15 years of marketing experience with small, medium and corporate accounts.  She specializes in helping people navigate the terrain of Social Marketing, and related activities like blogging, developing websites and lead capture pages, and coaching on Social Marketing.  She also excels in helping clients in the professional services and technology fields.  She has helped dozens of resellers of Microsoft, Sage, and Intuit products grow their sales through targeted, strategic marketing efforts and is a Certified Duct Tape Marketing Coach.

Julian Lopez (Public Relations Consultant)
Julian Lopez brings his public relations expertise to enhance brand awareness and/or marketing strategies. Implementing public awareness is key, and Julian helps to not only identify what these elements need to be, but to create an overall public relations strategy that best fits his client's business needs. With over ten years experience in this capacity, Julian pulls upon successful prior campaign experience, as well as his strong creative capacity to provide brand awareness strategies for his clients. Once the strategy is in place, Julian uses his media skills to implement the strategy and excel his client's marketing or branding efforts. Julian's extensive media background and contacts have aided such clients as Verizon Wireless, Disneyland Resort, Auto Club (AAA), The Los Angeles Zoo, and many others. Julian has also served as Senior Account Executive and Public Relations Director in national capacities for Advertising firms and in city government.

Marisa Nawir (Brand Development Consultant)
Marisa Nawir helps clients discover the hidden power of their Brand. She developed a highly intuitive process which enables her clients to go beyond assumptions, limitations and preconceived ideas, to unlock the key components of their Brand essence and spirit. When the Brand is defined at the authentic core, Brand identity, image, experience, and strategy is created from a solid, unified vision, and this leads to powerful results.

Marisa brings a deeply personal commitment to her clients' success, as demonstrated in her work with: Acute Corp.- Japan; Plaza House Inc. - Japan; Donna Inc. - Italy; NoaNoa Inc.- U.S, The Mad Platter Inc.- U.S; and Beeline Global Inc.- U.S, to name a few.

Theresa Padilla (Graphic Designer)
Theresa Padilla can bring your vision and design concepts to life in a tangible form. Theresa applies proven techniques and a unique creative ability to help her clients achieve image goals and solutions with projects including graphic designs, illustrations, photo-retouching and book layouts. Theresa graduated California State University with a B.F.A. in Entertainment Arts/Computer Animation Magna Cum Laude and was a member of the Honor Society of Phi Kappa. She also earned an A.S. in Engineering Software Applications from Riverside Community College, where she served as Architecture and Engineering Club President and earned the award of Architecture and Engineering Student of Distinction.  Her extensive software proficiencies include: Adobe Photoshop - Illustrator - Adobe InDesign - After Effects - 3D Studio Max Experience with: Quark XPress - AutoCAD - Maya Lamb/Lyon video pencil test system - Animation Stand.

Matt Ramage (Internet Marketing Consultant)
Matt Ramage knows that businesses can't succeed on the Internet until they get found on the Net. And he knows this from over a decade of experience, having been designing and marketing websites since 1998. Matt was one of those now-legendary "wiz kids" who rode the Internet Boom, working with online companies like Earthlink, Zyan, and Network Solutions. Along the way, he earned a BS in Business/eBusiness, and he's been managing people and projects in intense, rapid-growth environments ever since. Today, he manages nearly 500K a month in online advertising dollars for businesses of all sizes, who count on him to provide real results and effective online marketing solutions.

John Rossbach (Computer Solutions, Graphics and Web Development)
John Rossbach provides computer solutions for both mac and PC. John works with his clients to provide real-world solutions to IT problems and networking. Providing troubleshooting, networking, and help desk support for over 20 years, John can assist with computer maintenance, repair, and expansion services. John also provides graphic design services for print and web developers and has designed data-driven web sites for many clients. John has exceptional skills in Photoshop, Quark Express and other graphic design software. He holds a BS in Computer Science and certificates from UCI in ColdFusion Web Application development and specialized studies with Photoshop.

Terry Silberstein (Web Development Consultant)
Terry Silberstein is the owner of Smart and Sticky Websites.  She helps businesses develop custom designed websites that they can make updates to without needing to retain the services of a web developer.  She also helps clients make sure that they are getting the most out of their websites to generate and capture leads, and streamline processes that can be automated through a website.

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  • "Rachel really helped me determine my priorities for growing my business. It was difficult to focus on the areas that needed to be done first, because there were so many things that I needed to do at once. Rachel helped me look at the numbers, define my short and long term goals, and organize what actions were dependent upon others so I could focus on the critical areas for my success."

    Jaiya Figueras
    Your Next Victory!

  • "Rachel was a great sounding board for Makeover Gallery International when we were reviewing sales, marketing and production processes with our partners and outside vendors. She was able to point out agreements that were not written in our favor and help us challenge them with meaningful and professional arguments, as well as brainstorming for the future growth of our business."

    Marlene Hoffman
    Makeover Gallery International

  • "Rachel Perlmutter has provided sales and marketing consulting and project work for Interline Brands consistently the past 5 years. The great thing about Rachel is her desire to deliver results, whether they are strategic or more hands-on implementation. She has the ability to lead a team, operate collaboratively, or work on her own. She is an outstanding communicator who strives to provide the specific results we are seeking, whether through strategic planning, temporary management roles, documentation, research, or vendor management. Her ability to speak the language of the management and multi-level associates she interacts with within our organization allows her to effectively and efficiently get her work done.

    Pam Maxwell
    VP Sales & Marketing, Interline Brands
    Jacksonville, FL