PETA Makes a Whale of a Mistake

PETA Billboard in Jacksonville FL

PETA Billboard in Jacksonville FL

PETA loves to be controversial and yes, they’ve done it again.  In an attempt to try to convert people to vegetarians (so animals no longer suffer at our hands for our carnivore desires) they have used faulty logic and insulted some of the very people who would normally support them.

With their latest billboard ad, the real question is:  Are they trying to win support or lose all credibility? Some say all PR is good PR.  I think they have proven this saying to be inaccurate.  PETA’s logic is that if you are vegetarian, you will become thin and healthy.  Like any diet, this may or may not be true, depending on the quantity you consume and what you eat (raw veggies and plant based proteins may get you there, french fries and fried zucchini probably won’t).   Offensive advertising with faulty logic just highlights the message that someone does not know what the hell they’re talking about.  This can result in people ignoring relevant and truthful information because they no longer see the source as credible and look past ALL of its future commentary.

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